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You can send your opinion or comments to my email address (contacts), I will copy them to the webpage in original form.


We naturally cannot compel those who had already tested our device to share their opinion, - tough we are very glad if they do so – helping us by giving a broader picture about our work.

Opinion of István Zs. : “I am glad that I had the opportunity seeing and measuring Sándor’s device. I would like to thank them hereby as well.

It was absolutely shocking experience. There is no hidden energy source, that’s for sure – we could measure that. The other thing is sure that the device’s energy is not fake, since there is no phase difference.
I need a device like this”

Opinion of Tibor P. : “I have seen the device at two occasions. First, a previous version, without, the encasement, then at the second a newer one with the encasement.
The first time Sándor and his friends could not start the device, due to malfunction of the inverter. The second time the device worked, but since the output current exceeded the upper limit of our measuring gauges, we could not measure the output performance.
My suggestion would be that at an occasion of a third testing, equipped with the proper gauges we could measure the input and output performance of the device – by taking off the cover of the encasement for a short time – in order to persuade everyone: there is no hidden conventional energy source put in it.
Anyway, the device seems very promising”

Opinion of László M. (individual contractor):
I have seen the device and it really does work! At first time i was in doubt because I am not good at electric devices, so talked to Sándor and brought my electrician friend with me. My friend – after testing the device with his own gauges – said nothing but:
“It really generates more than it consumes!”
For me it was fully convincing. If a larger version of this device – naturally with bigger performance - is appropriate for heating in the winter season, then I will use it even this year!
Módosítás: ( 2008. szeptember 19. péntek, 07:54 )


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