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Dear Mr. Kovacs,

I have read on your webpage about a magnificent device, which would be to glad to see, if it really has so fantastic properties, I would to like to purchase. Please don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt, but to be frank, for me its on the “it is too good to be true” category, tough I do not wish to abandon such promising things.
I was always interested in devices such the likes of yours, despite I have not seen one. I like particularly that there is no armature in it, so I think this rises the operation security and prolongs its longevity. I hope I did not misunderstand anything, - if so please correct me- I would like to ask you - if it’s not too big expectation – to send me a description about this device. I think I would be interested in the 2,5 kW version.

Yours respectfully,

Attila K.

Dear Mr. Attila K,

Thank you for your enquiry. First of all, here is a correction: the device – unfortunately - at present moment does contain armatures, which are a DC working engine and a generator. In the description we indicate this fact, I must ask for your apologies if that part was not entirely understandable.

The device itself is a very simple mechanic appliance, the gist of how it works as follows:

There is a 500 W producing generator driven by a 250 W, 24 V DC (direct current) engine. (500 W performance device)

In case of the 2500 device a 500 W 24 V DC engine runs a generator, which produces 2500 W.
The output energy is driven into a so called “accumulator-set” and kept in it. So the device works like an accumulator recharger, only with the difference that this “recharger” produces more energy than it consumes.

As it is written at the “distribution strategy” section, up to now only the 500 device is possible to build, which process serves to gain experience for many before investing in with more considerable capital. You may call it testing without too big risk. That’s the reason we offer this opportunity mainly for experts like electricians.
The test-device (500 W) is a basic appliance in which there is no inbuilt electronics, has to be started manually and connect the accumulators by hand, like with the use of an accu-recharger.
The 2500 device is equipped with electronics and security system, it is a directly implementable unit to households. For the serial construction of this one we are not yet prepared.
The question could emerge: beyond testing the device, can the 500 version be utilized as well?
-    Of course it can. After a successful testing (during which the generated extra energy is harnessed too), by ordering the 2500 device we can connect both to same household system, supplanting retailers’ service.  

I hope I could answer your questions, supplementing the information on the webpage, if not, I will be answering your further enquiries with pleasure.

Best regards: Sándor Kovács


Dear Sándor,

I found that very interesting what you have endeavored, an in my own interest I would like to be part of it. To be more specific: I would like to support and participate in this endeavor.

I bumped into your webpage too late, the order-deadline had already expired.

My questions:

If I would like to build the 500 device by myself, that’s so say I ‘d only need the assembly instructions. Would it be possible for me, and if so, what would it cost? After receiving the information, may I show it to my friends, acquaintances, and do they have the right to build the device with the help of this document?

Sincerely: Krisztián H.

Dear Krisztián!

Thank you for your enquiry!

Regarding your question:

After the expiration of deadline it is still possible to build the 500 test-version, but for this, we can only provide the mechanical documentation, assembly instructions, and the source of component parts.

The price of the documentation is better to be negotiated by an occasion of specific inquiry.

Yes, you can show our documentation to anyone.

In case you have further question, I will be glad to answer them, and at the same time I ask for your consent to put your letter and the following answer on the webpage.

Best regards,  Kovacs Sándor


I found the link on the Shaumbra webpage to your site.

I believe too, that the new energy is going to spread fast, and I am glad to hear more and more about this topic.

I have an inexpert and - excuse me – doubtful question related to the device:

To the operation of the device accumlators are necessary, which need replacing after a while.

This fact brings up 2 questions :

1.    what will happen to the tremendous, harmful to environment, used accumulators?

2.    new energy is often called free energy as well. So we cannot get the energy “free” because every couple of years we need to buy new accumulators?

Sorry if I was negligent, but while reading the webpage I could not find the answers to these questions.

I am looking forward to hearing your respond,

Gábor M.

Dear Gábor,

Talking of alternative energy nowadays we need to make compromises.

Accumulators are used in wind and solar energy techniques as well, with bigger size and volume.

Replacing of the accumulators after 7 – 12 years is “recommendable” and not “obligatory”

With the proper usage of accu-s there is no considerable environment contamination, in addition, the used accu-s at present days are recycled.

If you have further question, I will be glad to answer them, and at the same time I ask for your consent to put your letter and the following answer on the site, since such rightful doubts can emerge in many of us.

Best regards, Sándor Kovács
To the question, that from how many countries have people contacted and out of these from which countries have we received orders, the answer is:

Enquiries from countries up t now:

1.    Hungary
2.    Canada
3.    USA
4.    Romania
5.    United Kingdom
6.    Great Britain
7.    Slovakia
8.    France
9.    Germany
10.    Unknown
11.    Italy
12.    Georgia
13.    Finland
14.    Switzerland
15.    Czech republic
16.    Austria
17.    Papua New Guinea
18.    Slovenia
19.    Australia
20.    Argentina
21.    Russia
22.    Israel
23.    Ireland

So far we have orders from:


Great Britain


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