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Distribution strategy

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Compared to the demand in Hungary and all across Europe as well, licensing an energy-producing device is passably circumstantial, nay, I can state that is impossible. To put it simply: no one and not any company will have the possibility to merchandise such a device anywhere in the world.

What could be the solution?

If the usage of this device spread with the complying of presently applied law. By the above stated rules: everyone has the right to construct such devices, and utilize it.

What is necessary to this?

Money, being convinced that the device works properly and personal will to become independent from the constantly rising costs of energy retailers, which – by the way – do not strengthen the Hungarian economy. On the other hand, if all is becoming more stable financially, and there is no need to pay retailers, the spared costs could be turn to our national economy’s advantage.

What does all this cost?

Merely 370 000 HUF and 3 weeks. In turn for this you will receive a 500 W device (appropriate to operate heating system, or to promote its work) excluding accumulators and inverter.(this is mainly recommended for those  who use already inbuilt solar or wind energy systems)

After you have experienced the working ability, advantages, secure and clean operation of the  device, you will undoubtedly consider to worth building a larger one – which is able to operate not only the heating system but the household’s current supply entirely by its own, with plus 500 000 HUF and extra 3 months. All in all, the entire operation of a household’s gas and current supply system by our device costs 370 000 + 200 000 (accumulators and inverter) + 500 000 HUF = 1 070 000 HUF in that case you build the basic device in 3 months.  After the of expiration this 3 month the 2500 W device will be not available at this price – only for those who pre-ordered it. Everyone else will only have the opportunity to build a larger device at the price 1 400 000 HUF plus VAT (2500 W device) We provide possibility to see our test-device and give explanation how it works for all enquirers.
Every one who purchases the device will get the necessary instructions for building the appliance.

For all purchasers we buy each component parts, give instructions how to assemble, and in case of discontentment, we buy the device from the purchaser within the period of six months.

Order deadline 31.08.2008

After expiration of the deadline only the 2500 W device will be available.

Since we are working on fulfilling the orders, due to lack of capacity and time presently we are not able to handle more enquires.
As soon as there will be possibility to accept more enquires, we will make our note of that appearing here.

Módosítás: ( 2008. szeptember 19. péntek, 07:59 )


Preordering is only available

for registered members


After signing in the “Preorder” menu

shows up. 


Registration is free, your personal details

will not be given out to third person!


Only the ordering of the 2500 device is possible

from 01.12.2008, we are taking preorders

from 08.09.2008 with the aim of surveying

demands without obligation.


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