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Waiting to be solved

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- licensing

- serial production

- searching for suppliers

- marketing




We are looking forward to getting in contact with individuals having legal education or knowledge in order to register our invention at the patent office.


By having done so the serial production of the device could start, this process would lead to diminishing production costs, making the patent available for more people.


We are also looking for such suppliers and spare-part manufacturers, who are able to provide us proper quality commodity at the most inexpensive price.


List of spare parts

(to be uploaded)


We would like to get into contact with such persons, who intend to help spreading this environment friendly technology, an in order to reach this achievement are willing to act. Presently we can offer 3 ways of the above mentioned.


1.Throw away papers: there is a printable document on this website, which should be popularized among relatives, friends, acquaintances, work- mates, people who live in the same street or town etc. at possible largest amount by individual opportunity. This document has been compiled to sum up our information the briefest way. We strongly suggest the usage of A4 format (just one side) and that only black ink should be used when printing.

You can download the document by clicking here.


2. Web marketing

People who possess own homepage, and would like to help in spreading, shall link us on their webpage:



3. Providing possibility for testing:

Those who already possess a working device and feel solidarity with free energy, should provide the opportunity to others for seeing, testing, and measuring the device after preliminary appointment. As we all know nothing is as convincing and demonstrative when we can see the tangible reality with our own eyes.


All other ideas are utmost welcome to promote the opportunity that we do not depend on the constantly rising burden of energy retailers any more.


“The only way to have a new energy device is that you or your friend build one for yourselves”


To achieve this, till today:


 more than 30 people

 have endeavored.
Módosítás: ( 2008. szeptember 19. péntek, 18:02 )


Preordering is only available

for registered members


After signing in the “Preorder” menu

shows up. 


Registration is free, your personal details

will not be given out to third person!


Only the ordering of the 2500 device is possible

from 01.12.2008, we are taking preorders

from 08.09.2008 with the aim of surveying

demands without obligation.


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Kizárólag a 2500 Wattos készülék megrendelésére van lehetőség 2008.év 12. hó 01-től, melyre előrendelést 2008.09.08-tól veszünk fel, igény felmérés célzattal, kötelezettség nélkül.

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