Description of S&M 1000-2500 household energy producing device

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The actual reality of so often mentioned sky-high prices of nowadays energy had us compelled, that – among the many who keep trying to produce a new energy device – we also advance our useful new energy generator.

There are inventions harnessing wind-power, the light and heat power of the Sun, the heat power of the Earth. But what if, the wind is not blowing, or because of the change of seasons and moving of clouds the shortening period of sunshiny days the Sun light and the pertaining heat can not prevail? The heat pump may work, but - as it is well known – the time of investment return is considered as 10-20 years. The same applies to wind-power stations and Sun-power collectors as well. The may prove very useful but merely as supplementary sources.

Considering all the above mentioned we have been developing our device, which returns investment in 3-4 year period of time.
This device with 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 W performance – depending on individual demand - can be used for powering household appliances, entertaining- and light systems. With the installation of a second device we can adapt our coal or gas based central heat system to be run by electric power.

Since our system does not require any external energy source - such as electricity or generator running on gasoline, so it can be named as isolate operated device.
Short description

The device runs by mechanical principles.
It functions by 2 pieces of 12V/110Ah, series connected, so 24 V accumulator, which - with the use of in built electronics – runs a DC (direct current) engine. This engine runs such a device, what generates electricity and produces 98 V DC voltage and nearly 5A direct current, so it charges an accu-set in 10-12 hours consisting of 8pieces of 12V44Ah series connected accumulator. (This regards the 500W device on the video. Naturally, devices with stronger performance – due to the replaceable electronic parts – provide the accumulator-s with various amount of current)
The power supply units of the driver engine and the inbuilt electronics, the display and measuring parts consume only 12-15 A. Since our device is not a perpetum mobile, so the powering accumulators do flat in a couple of days. That’s the reason of a built in monitoring circuit, what sends current to the powering unit before its voltage reaches the critical level.
With this system there is a circle between operation and actuation.

There is an inverter connected to the accu-set, which produces 230V alternating voltage from 96V direct voltage, so it is capable of long term continuous operation. The inverters – adapted to the different device’s performance - are attached to top of the main device. The inverter is made in real sinus signal, transformator- edition, in order to benefit an optimal usage for Personal Computers and modern household entertaining appliances.

As for the choosing of accumulators, the most appropriate types are the so called solar accumulators.
Their period of life – depending on usage and brands – can reach up to 7-9 years.

The customer’s choice, which machine with different performance will be suitable, is mostly determined by the number and quality of energy consumers. The other important point of view is that the larger the accu-set is, the longer the circle-period becomes (time period between going flat and recharging)
The longer this period is, the bigger longevity will the accu-set have, because longer circle-period will lead to fewer recharge, so it is a key fact in the matter of the accumulators’ life period.

At the beginning of this description there are several achievable performance mentioned.

The device is built in a 750 x 1000 x 650 sinter-painted, portable metal frame.(Naturally is it equipped with adequate handles for moving). In the upper part of this frame is the
“heart” of the device situated, with the electronic charge control - adapted to the required performance – the control is modul-like and placed in a connected rail, plus the inverter. On the leaning fore-plate are the toggles, digital measuring appliances, error displays, and connection ports.

In the lower part sit the accumulators. On both sides enclosed, removable doors help the placing in and taking out. The accumulators are to put in after placing the device appropriately
in adequate number, by the need of the required performance. The device’s weight reaches up to 150 - 350 kg, that’s why the 360 degree turnable wheels are necessary in case of a possible re-placing.

Since the predominant majority of people are unfamiliar to electric devices, we payed attention to easy handling at the process of designing. Information – such as displaying the consumers’ performance, or incidentally emerging error messages due to mishandling -
is shown on a display, in order to promote non-serious repair, prior to calling the experts. Since we provide 3 years warranty, it is primarily important to properly preserve the “heart” of the device. This we intend to secure by vandal-proof locks.

By the law of Murphy : “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”, so - with  the use of an automatic system – in case of failure ,the device switches to network current supply, naturally after the measuring clock and the main automatic circuit breaker. This can be necessary e. g. when one is left for holiday, or to keep food fresh in the freezer.

Prices of our devices vary depending on the required performance. The price of the accumulators and the inverter are excluded.

Price of the inverters depends on the aim of usage quality (trapeze, square, quasi sinus and sinus wave) and on performance as well.
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